What Makes a Jax Everett Shirt, Part 1 - The Body


As designers, we believe there’s no unimportant part of a shirt. That said, when someone says, “Hey buddy, nice shirt,” they probably aren’t referring to your cuffs. As the part of the shirt that makes the biggest impression, the body is the best place to start explaining what makes a Jax Everett shirt different than any shirt you have ever bought before. 

As you can see from any magazine photo spread, most menswear is designed to look great on tall, slim men. The problem comes when shorter guys try to find a version that fits them. Buy small to get the right length and you often get a shirt that’s too tight around the body. Buy large to get room for your chest or belly and you get a shirt that’s often too long elsewhere. 

That’s why to create our clothing line for men 5’9” and under, we threw out the standard industry measurements and assumptions most other designers start with and instead measured real men from around the country. Armed with this data, we’ve built a collection that provides a fit that, well, actually fits.

The goal of a well-fitting shirt, no matter what your height, is to accentuate the positives of your body while reducing focus on the negatives. A shirt needs to provide a close fit around the body without feeling too tight; unlike in women’s fashion, you don’t want to show off every curve. 

Our modern fit shirts are proportioned for your height and build so that they’re neither too long nor too tight. By removing the excess fabric of a traditional shirt, you avoid the sloppiness of classic shirts on shorter guys that can make you look bulkier and shorter than you really are. 

While providing a modern fit, care was taken to make sure our shirts provide a little extra fabric around the chest and waist to avoid anything that might make it look like the buttons are about to pop off. The result is a fit that provides the look of a trimmer waist while leaving room for a few extra pounds around the belly, giving your torso a longer, leaner appearance. Additionally, on the back of the shirt, we added small pleats to each shoulder, giving you a full range of motion without stretching the shirt.

When it comes to shirt length, our shirts are designed to look great tucked in or out. When tucked in, this length means you don’t get excess fabric bunching up around your crotch and butt, yet is still long enough to stay tucked in when you move around. Untucked, it ends at just the right spot to prevent an unfortunate plumber’s crack when you lift your arms while providing a flattering length that makes you look taller.

Finally, unless you’re going for a retro-geek-chic look, odds are you don’t use a chest pocket. More importantly, pockets often ride too low on the torso and visually disrupt a streamlined look, making you register as shorter than you really are. Our shirts have no pockets on them, giving your body a long, uninterrupted line from waist to neck. 


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