Notes from the Runway — Fall 2014


No matter where you live, autumn is finally here, and with it the season’s latest styles. We’ve watched coverage of the various men’s fashion shows and designer releases and have noticed a few trends appropriate for the shorter man to work into his look:


  • Overall, darker colors are dominating the runway. Cool tones like rich blues, tonal gray and classic black are the hot colors this year. Plaid and checks, like gray with blue, blue with dark camel, and dark camel with olive, give men a more serious look perfect for the winter months.
  • Warmer, muted colors (such as oxblood, thai yellow, diode pink and blood orange) are finding their way into fall fashions as either accents or hidden beneath a darker suit or sweater.
  • Finally, black and white remain a fashion favorite. This year the trend is white shirts accented with graffiti and logos and tone-on-tone black shirts mixing matte and shine.


For our debut collection, we took these runway inspirations and more and gave them our own unique spin. Our button-down shirts feature plaid patterns specifically chosen to give you a longer look and include all the main colors of the season — dark blue, gray, black and dark camel — with accents of yellow and oxblood (no pink or orange accents, however, as they didn’t look quite right). We also designed a line of light weight merino wool sweaters in complementing colors to help you dress your shirt up or down as desired. Finally, we’re also adding our take on tone-on-tone black and tone-on-tone white with colorful accents to give you the perfect option for holiday parties, the office or a special night out.


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